Olivier Brand


WSDL4Reg is an easy to use command line tool to automatically register WSDL files in UDDI v2 compliant registries using standard APIs such as JAX-R and the Java API for WSDL (JSR 110). 

WSDL4Reg also offers a built-in Ant task to automate UDDI registrations.

In order to accurately search a UDDI registry, services must be registered in compliancy with a predefined data structure (UDDI v2). WSDL is the de facto definition language for describing Web Services. provides a documentation describing the WSDL to UDDI mapping. Such mapping is complex and must be automated in some way.
SUN has released an API for manipulating registries (UDDI and ebXml) called JAX-R. A JSR is in process to release an API to programmatically manipulate WSDL documents: JSR 110 . IBM is proposing an implementation of such JSR: WSDL4J .

WSDL4Reg automates the registration of WSDL documents in UDDI registries. To do so, different technologies are being used:

WSDL4Reg relies on mapping different specifications in order to register WSDL document into UDDI registries:
The following diagrams give an example of such mappings:
WSDL to UDDI mapping

Where to get it

You can download it from .