WSDL4Reg command line interface

WSDL4Reg can be executed in command line mode (through scripts) or using the ant task (developers might prefer the second option).

In order to get the usage documentation of WSDL4Reg (see bellow), execute the following class with the help option

On Windows Command Prompt:
%WSDL4REG_HOME%\bin\wsdl4reg.bat -h
or (long option)
%WSDL4REG_HOME%\bin\wsdl4reg.bat --help
On Unix (including cygwin):
$WSDL4REG_HOME/bin/ -h
or (long option)
$WSDL4REG_HOME/bin/ --help
NB: The environment variable WSDL4REG_HOME must point to the root directory of the wsdl4reg  root directory.

The configuration can be expressed directly on the command line or part of it can be included in XML files.
These XML extracts must be compliant with the elements defined in the WSDL4Reg schema file .
usage: WSDL4Reg:
 -a,--auth arg           <login> <password>
 -b,--business arg       [<create|delete|update>] <company name> [<company description>]
 -c,--business-xml arg   <file name>
 -d,--auth-xml arg       <file name>
 -h,--help               prints this help
 -r,--registry arg       <query manager> <lifecycle manager>
 -s,--registry-xml arg   <file name>
 -t,--taxonomy arg       [<create|delete|update>] <taxonomy name> <taxonomy value> [<taxonomy description>] 
 -u,--taxonomy-xml arg   <file name>
 -v,--verbose            verbose mode
 -w,--wsdl arg            [<create|delete|update>] <wsdl url>